Sunday, 3 August 2014

Richwood RD-16

I recently bought a new guitar [a Richwood RD-16 to be precise], after returning a crappy Chinese one I had ordered online. There was so much wrong with the Chinese model, too much to mention in a single human life - we'd be dead before I was halfway. This time I bought my guitar in a physical music store here in Groningen so it'd be easier to return, had I felt like doing so. But after carefully inspecting the guitar at the store, I was sold - I think I'm in love.

Here you see me play "Hero" by Family of the Year on the Richwood RD-16
[or I was just posing as if I were playing, who knows]

The Richwood RD-16 is a beautiful yet affordable guitar. One that looks and sounds professional, yet keeps my wallet comfortably filled. I paid €143,- for said guitar in the store, but after some googling I found a webshop that had it on sale for a mere €120,- professional guitars very quickly enter the €500 - €2000,- range and a serious guitar rarely gets under €100,-]. I could've saved some cash if I had done more research, but that would've meant testdriving [test strumming?] the guitar in the physical store, telling the very friendly folks over there that I wasn't interested in buying a guitar after all, ordering one online and hoping that particular model was the exact same as the one I saw in the store. And when you take shipping fees into account as well, there's barely a difference. I happily paid a little more for the convenience. I got one year of warranty as well, so if anything were to happen I could simply walk my way back to the store. The guys over at Westerhaven Muziek where I bought this beauty were even willing to adjust a part of the guitar after I mentioned the strings were very tight. Those people know how to run a music store, that's fo' shore ;)

In case you're wondering what I can play, here's a summary of the songs I've learned so far:

That's about it, if I'm not mistaken. It's not much, but then again I'm still a noob at this. This new guitar should really help me get motivated to learn more songs. Because even crappy chords now sound professional!

If you have any recommendations for guitar songs I should learn, please leave a comment below. I'd highly 'preciate it!

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