Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Poetry 1.0

I'm not a poet,
I cannot rhyme well.
This blog post is crappy,
That's what I will tell.

My blog contains nonsense,

New posts every week.
My brain starts to hurt,
New ideas I still seek.

I started with humour,

Then got too serious.
Now starting poetry,
Isn't that mysterious?

I have some ideas,

About what to write next.
Maybe tips, perhaps tricks,
With pictures and text!

My blog will get useful,

I'll share you my knowledge.
Is there anything to teach?
Heck I'm already in college!

You can expect to see tips,

Surely about photography.
That's my main hobby:
Haven't you read my biography?

If at some point one week,

There's no new blog post,
Please poke me to write,
After all I'm the blog host.

If you found this blog online,

Through magical roads of the internet,
Hyperlinks I've hidden everywhere,
Then don't you dare to go just yet.

For my blog will improve,

Like I first said.
Tips&tricks are coming
With even more usefulness ahead.

But I need your help,

For worldwide spread.
I can't do this alone,

So here's my idea instead:

If there's an interesting post,

That you might want to share.
Don't hesitate,
And place a comment if you dare.

That's all for now, so

Check this blog every week.
Or subscribe to my blog,
For an early sneak peek!

Thank you for reading

This poetry blog post.
The fact that you read all this crap
Surprises me the most. (no seriously, did you read ALL of this?)

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