Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Magical 500.

I dedicate this blog post to the latest milestone my blog has achieved.
Apparently, my blog has been viewed a total of 500 times as of today!!
... That's probably mostly due to me checking out how things look on my own blog, causing close to 400 page views of my own. But it's a milestone nonetheless :)

Now for more information about this magical 500:

According to Wikipedia,
"500 (five hundred) is the natural number following 499 and preceding 501."
Gee thanks Wikipedia, I would have never known.

Moreover, 500 is a harshad number, whatever the hell that may mean.

Lastly, did you know "500" is the HTTP status code for "Internal Server Error"?

It's true, because the interwebz say so.

That's all for now, but make sure to come back another 500 times to witness a new milestone blog post! Thank you all for your dedication to my blog, I love y'all (yep, all three of you)!!

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