Saturday, 19 July 2014

I'm so hot ;$

People always told me to go outside when it's hot and sunny. Through experience I've learned it's better to stay inside during this human-barbecue weather.

We're in the middle of a heatwave in The Netherlands. Yesterday was already hot, but today is even hotter. According to Google Weather [which I should really start ignoring because it's lied to me way too often now], it was 33°C for a couple of hours. Unfortunately I had to go outside to do groceries and I can tell you, just as I wish Google Weather was inaccurate, it was actually too damn accurate because I was too damn hot.

Right now I'm sitting behind my computer again, having [only barely] survived the trip to the supermarket and back. I'm shirtless, my fan is blowing me as hard as possible [don't... I meant 'fan' as static object]. Sweat is dripping off every square femtometre of my skin - I'm so hot right now you don't even wanna know. Here's to hoping the weather will return to normally sunny soon, something like 20-25°C would be chillaxing. With the current temperatures I'll have to put dinner in the fridge for a couple of minutes instead of in the microwave...

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