Friday, 11 July 2014

I need a hedgehog. NOW!

I've never really been into hedgehogs. I know some people find them cute and all, but I never seriously considered one as a pet.

However, since my nickname became "Hugehog" and Lettuce made me a drawing of a "Tinyhog on Hugehog", I've looked into those tiny creatures and OMG they're sooo cuuuute!!!!
I want to cuddle 'em all to death ;3

There's one minor issue though: my current homeowner [and next, if my plans are to be realised] do not allow me to keep any pets whatsoever. And I signed the contract with that statement. Granted I already ignored it by having had a pet ladybug for a day [after which I had to release her again because I felt sorry] [I miss you Ladyhog :( ], but a hedgehog is completely different from a ladybug.

I will look into owning hedgehogs as pets more, but the chances are minimal (if present at all) that I'd be allowed to keep one. I guess I'll have to wait until 'I'm older', and I'm no longer renting a room but actually owning a house. Because, mark my words, I will get myself a hedgehog at some point in my life.

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