Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"A man with ideas"

This college year is basically over now, but I can't quite enjoy my summer break yet.
[seriousness level of this blog post: 5/5]

EDIT: Somehow I managed to pass the first year. Now, forget about everything I wrote down below or have a good laugh while reading it.

I may or may not have f*cked up. In the beginning I was certain I was able to pass the first year of studying Artificial Intelligence, but it turned out not to be that straightforward. I'm still waiting for my last grade to arrive from a resit, of a course that really wasn't supposed to be difficult. If my feeling about the resit is correct, I didn't pass the course. Considering I had already failed three other courses this year out of 12, this being the fourth I may have failed will make me unable to continue Artificial Intelligence next year.

And so [assuming that I did fail that course] I'll have to figure out what else to do with my life. As if that's such an easy thing to decide in just a couple of weeks...

"I'm a man with ideas, yet lacking the tools to make them reality." - Herman [The Hugehog] Groenbroek

I have ideas what to do with life. I don't need tonnes of money - I want happiness. Happiness to me is making enough money to make a living, yet having plenty of spare time to practice hobbies. Obviously I will have to find some kind of job, and most jobs will require me to work full-time, entire days from Monday through Fridays. I long for something with more freedom...

Actually, I'm somewhat close to two fields with 'more freedom'. One, which is often not taken seriously, is YouTube. There are quite some people who are making a living out of YouTube videos. However, to achieve this one will have to be an expert at making good quality videos, one must have expensive gear and lots of luck. The latter makes it risky to try. Moreover, it does not necessarily give more freedom. Making high-quality videos takes a lot of time, and depending on the type of videos one may have to be editing full days as well.

The second field I'm only slightly close to, is programming, in general. There's a lot that requires programming, and good programmers don't need to work at someone else's. If one would place an app or a game in the Play Store and it would become really successful, one could simply sit on their lazy ass getting rich by not doing anything anymore. However, this not only requires one to have an amazing idea, but also requires programming skills to make a certain app beautiful or intuitive [well, there are exceptions like Flappy Bird but that's about having 100% luck and nothing else].

I'm a man with ideas.

    I know what kind of videos people would want to see on YouTube that spans my interest of technology. But I lack the tool of video editing skills [and expensive gear, even an okay-quality microphone] to make this reality, let alone the luck that I would be discovered on YouTube.
    I have had ideas for software development, but I lack the skill of programming. And even if I had made a good application, the software would have to be discovered too. Again, I would need luck. I haven't had that on my side for a long time.

I always figured "I could always become a photographer" or "I'll just open a store here in Groningen with an idea I already have", but both of these also require me to be discovered. This is what modern life has turned into: "if you want to be successful, you have to be discovered, somehow". And with my limited network of connections [is this a pleonasm?], it's all about luck, now.

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