Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Photography Tutorial is being rendered!

Heya, I felt like giving y'all an update here. You'll soon be able to watch the long overdue video tutorial for your Sony Xperia camera phone! The video is just the first part of a series, as I plan on doing and explaining so much more. This first video explains the manual controls you have on Sony Xperia smartphones, and I plan explaining much more such as how to compose images that seem pleasing, how to do post-processing and probably much and much more. If you're reading this blog post shortly after it was published, odds are that you can watch it on <my channel> already. If not, just be patient!

This photo was taken at the time of recording the video - do watch it!

About the video itself: I kinda messed up. The audio is just terrible. For the intro I used my Surface Pro's built-in microphone which seemed too noisy and muffled for a high quality video, but I used it for the intro anyway. Then, after the intro I switched to the built-in microphone of my Nikon D5100. I thought the D5100 was better at recording clear speech since the Surface Pro's mic was muffled, but I was wrong - oh boii was I wrong. Apparently the D5100's mic is worse than the Surface Pro's in pretty much every aspect. I should've stuck with the Surface Pro to record all audio. Well, I know now. The best thing for me to do is to simply buy a quality external microphone for my D5100, so that I'll be able to record anything better, and not rely on a second machine for the recording (hence also my somewhat laziness in the video here).


  1. Well your blog was introduced to so prepare to more comments, visits, likes and so on, I enjoyed my first 15 mintues so far, great photos, great Xperia Camera 101 lecture, congrats..

  2. Dude, just saw your work on Xperia Blog and wow! I just moved from a Xperia S (and QX10 I bought in the summer) for Xperia Z2 and is fantastic (finally) see posts like this!
    I'm anxious to try your advice!

    You can view some of my pictures here :)