Sunday, 14 December 2014

Take one, aaaand... ACTION!

Quite a few people out there have asked me to do a video tutorial of photography for the Xperia Z series devices, and I've always pushed it into the future. I never had a good microphone, I didn't feel like talking to my camera and above all, I've just been lazy.

Change is taking place however. I just recorded, edited and even rendered the intro for my tutorial videos today. It took a couple of hours, but I made progress in the end. Since it's the first time I'm actually recording video together with spoken text, I had to learn how to do everything well starting with zero knowledge. Since I got my Surface Pro, I've been more enthusiastic about making the tutorial videos. Recall that I never had a good microphone - well surprisingly, the built-in microphone of the Surface Pro appears to be pretty darn good! Of course, it doesn't come close to a serious microphone, but it is actually much better than the built-in microphone of my Nikon D5100. That one's a huge disappointment in my opinion. Before the purchase I read that the microphone of the D5100 wasn't that good , but I never expected something that's essentially not usable. Enough of that, though: I finally have a usable microphone so I was finally able to record myself speaking.

This is how absolutely basic my setup is: a Nikon D5100 camera, a piece of paper for simplistic looking close-ups and my Surface Pro for recording audio, and editing and rendering the video.

The intro is rendered, the text for the first part of tutorial series is recorded, now all I need to do is record video for the first part to accompany the text and edit it altogether in a beautiful fashion. I won't settle for anything mediocre. As a photographer, I should be able to make a decent video after all. Don't expect the videos to be uploaded this week already though. I still have a busy week of college and as I said, I need my videos to be pretty much perfect!

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