Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Why Instagram is a surprisingly good art community

I'm a photographer, therefore I had an inexplicable aversion to Instagram.

"It's just a community of people who think they're photographers because they can apply one out of twenty [?] filters to their random snaps." [I just checked - it's exactly 20 [if you consider "no filter" to be a filter as well [logicians might disagree with me here]]]. I must admit to having uploaded quite a few selfies to Instagram myself, but I don't do that on a daily basis. But what may actually be a good idea to do on a daily basis, is uploading pictures of drawings or other art you make.

I actually did this a couple of times already. And every time I did, it made me smile. The Instagram community counts how many users exactly? I've noticed there are plenty of users at least who search for drawings and go around liking and following people based on drawings they've made. That right there is the power of Instagram. Whenever I posted a drawing with "#drawing" in the description - no matter how simple or how much of a beginner's drawing it was - there was always some stranger from this community who would 'like' the picture. This is one thing that every artist needs: feedback. Even a simple 'like' on a photo can make the creator confident enough to keep drawing and to keep on trying. Since drawing is mostly a matter of practice, this is a crucial part of the entire process.

This is a very simple drawing that nevertheless got me 10 random 'likes' mostly from unknown people in the Instagram community. They have very interesting drawings themselves: a great source of inspiration!

I have yet to fully immerse myself in this community however. I've seen the tip of the iceberg and I must say, it seems like a very promising iceberg indeed. Finally, I have to admit I've changed my mind - I'm actually drawn more towards Instagram now [ohhh yes, I did just make that pun].

*A special thanks to Miss Lettuce: she made me realize there's more to Instagram than I would've thought*

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