Sunday, 21 September 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro - this is to Microsoft what a MacBook is to Apple. It's a tablet that you can hold in your hands, browsing the web while comfortably lying on your sofa. It's a full-fledged computer that you can get serious work done with, since it runs full Windows 8 [instead of the crappy and laughable RT version]. It's even a drawing tablet perfectly suited for Photoshop for example, with the pressure sensitive stylus and built-in Wacom digitizer.
The best part is: I'm getting myself one!

I'm planning on selling my current laptop, to make room [and more importantly, money] for this Surface Pro. Now that the first generation Surface Pro has aged and two newer variants have been released, the original Surface Pro is a pretty damn good deal for around €400 second-hand. Especially if you consider that's the price I paid for my laptop first-hand [note: I bought my laptop new for the warranty, I know I could've gotten much better second-hand but who knows what would break first - as a matter of fact, I already made use of warranty with this laptop, which is also a reason why I don't mind having a different computer]. The reason why I'm the most excited for the Surface Pro is for its display. Right now I'm "enjoying" a 15.6" display with only 1366x768 pixels. Colour accuracy is terrible, if only words could correctly describe how terrible it really is [I can't even photoshop pictures to look okay-ish - as soon as I make pictures look averagely saturated, opening these images on my desktop PC with a well calibrated monitor the same images look extremely oversatured]. The Surface Pro on the other hand only has a 10.6" display, making it especially practical to carry around, with a staggering resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. According to reviewers, the colours really do pop and viewing angles are great as well. Especially on a device this small, its 1080p display is going to look gorgeous!

This tablet/laptop [tabtop? lablet??] is the perfect device for me. I had to sell my Nexus 7 (2012) tablet to make room [again, more like money] for my current laptop. I've wanted to get an Android tablet again but that would both make me use my Sony Xperia Z1 less and it would be a waste of money since tablets aren't usually productive devices. That's what makes this lablet so great - entertainment and productivity seem to be perfectly balanced. The Intel Core i5 appears to be about as good as the current i3 of my laptop. It may not be as high-end as the best desktop PCs out there, but that would be missing the point here. This device doesn't need to be the fastest or 'bestest'. It's practical, easy to carry around and does everything one could want, and quickly enough too if reviews are to be believed.

Besides, as a student, what could be more useful than a full-fledged Windows PC that you can even place flat on a table to jot down notes on? Never will I have to bring paper to lectures. Never will I wish my phone was bigger like a phablet anymore. A tablet is what I wanted. A laptop is what I needed. I cannot afford to get two expensive devices next to an already expensive phone and desktop PC. So why not have one device for both the tablet and laptop requirements, and add a stylus for fun? I cannot even wait to do serious photography work on this device. It's gonna be awesum :3

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