Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Do you throw your phone on desks and tables?

If you're one of those people who throw their phones on a desk when they've come home from a long day, then keep listening [or reading, whatever]. You see, throwing your phone on a desk is the easiest way of damaging your phone[1]. However, there's a quick and easy way to solve this - if you have spare Lego bricks, that is.

Instead of letting your phone slide across the desk and scratching the device, why not set up a sort of dock for your phone? It does not have to be functional [though you can of course incorporate a USB cable into the dock]. How does one make their own docking station, you may wonder? The answer is simple, especially if you've read that one sentence a while back:

You can use Lego bricks to create your own dock in whatever fashion you like!

I've set up two simple ones for my camera phones. This one above works in both landscape and portrait orientation for my phone. The best part is that I can finally see the notification light again, which is pretty dim on this device. If I set the device flat on the desk, I wouldn't be able to notice the light.

This one for my Sony Ericsson Satio is a little different, but that's because I didn't bring enough Lego pieces with me from home. This little dock perfectly balances the device to showcase the camera. Which is exactly what I wanted to do with this phone - it's a piece of technology mostly just for showcasing, as it has quite a history for me personally.

I'm sure you can create much more elaborate docks!
I know these are the simplest kinds of docks, which is what I was actually aiming for. Before this I did build a huge dock to feature the magnetic charging cable for the Xperia Z1 as well as a pencil for its so-called pen mod. But this dock was huge and red, making it aesthetically disgusting in my opinion. These two tiny docks are a little too small to annoy me with their redness, luckily.

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