Tuesday, 25 August 2015

We have a winner Android Camera App!

This article continues on the previous one below. I asked around on the XDA-Developer forums, and I have the results of my poll. Turns out, there is apparently a difference in photo quality according to you. Let me talk about the results shortly hereafter:

It's interesting to see how two of the images appear to stand out: the upper middle and the lower left one. The other four images have pretty much no votes, so we'll disregard those for now. The upper middle photo has a very clear distinction from the rest: the number 16000 is readable. Why this is the case, I have no idea. I took all six photos in exactly the same setup with minimal time in between, but maybe there was a slight change in lighting that caused this. What I was looking for however, is image detail. And if I inspect the images further, it appears that the lower left image is surprisingly sharp. I was surprised at first, that's for sure. Now you may be curious which image belongs to which camera app, so I won't let you wait any longer. Here's the correct order of camera apps, reading left to right:

The results show that Sony's Superior Auto mode is liked by many, which is probably because of the visible number. However, the best voted camera app is Open Camera, indeed resulting in a very clear and detailed shot. I don't know how they do it, but the great thing is: you can even find out because it's open source! I will definitely try out this camera app some more, to see if it really makes a difference. After all, a poll with 30 votes on a single camera test doesn't tell us much at all. I felt like I had to start somewhere though, and the results are somewhat interesting at the very least.

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