Thursday, 30 April 2015

Quick Update on the Photography Tutorials

If you're looking for a second part of my photography tutorial videos, then you have all right to complain. I've been busy with my studies and a few side projects, and honestly I haven't put all that much effort into making new YouTube videos lately. How-ever,, I'm more than motivated to improve my videography skills, and I finally figured out how I'll structure the following parts of the tutorial series. There are many subjects in photography that I'd like to teach, but at every subject I feel like I should have taught another already. I would love to dive into post-processing already, but this is only really useful when you've created a good photograph to process, which then requires knowledge of composition and camera hardware and software.

I cannot give hard deadlines for the upcoming parts as you never know what happens in the future. I will however do my best to get something done in the coming weeks. If I can make even a single person interested in photography through my simple work, then for me it's worth it already. So stay on the lookout for new videos: visit my YouTube channel and I'll hope to see you stick around!

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