Monday, 6 October 2014

No more laptop, for me

When I started my studies of Artificial Intelligence I didn't have a laptop at first. I had to do programming on my desktop PC when I got back home, or use PCs from the university. Now that wasn't the best experience: those computers had occasional downtime, they were slow, the keyboards were uncomfortable - you get the point. I decided to get myself a laptop after a month which, I must say, made my life a lot happier.

Now I'm selling my laptop again.
Why? - if you remember a blog post from not long ago, you know that I'm getting myself a Surface Pro for my birthday. Well, about that: there's been a slight change of plans. I'm not getting one for my birthday anymore, I'm getting one as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as one appears cheap enough second hand). It's not necessarily due to my impatience [although damn I want that Surface Pro badly..!] but rather because of luck [or not]. I wanted to see what my laptop would be worth second hand if I were to sell it sometime soon. So I put it on Marktplaats, a popular Dutch website for any trading. My brother said he estimated my laptop to be around €250, "but you might not even get that amount" he added. First day I placed my laptop online, I got an offer from someone willing to hand me €290,- of my €299,- asking price [Tiny Tip: put your second hand items online just under a rounded price tag to appear just below the round ones (€299 instead of €300), in case people search cheapest-first. They'll see yours before all similarly priced ones]. My first thought was: "this isn't a serious bid. It's probably one of those people here who either want to annoy people or will randomly stop replying." A couple of mails later and the guy told me he's going to buy it from me Monday evening around 7. I'm formatting the hard drives right now [giving me time to write a blog post], but I'll keep this post updated with any news about the sale.

I'm going back to not owning a laptop anymore. I'm hopefully buying that Surface Pro soon, but in the meantime I'll have to survive. A lot of huge assignments are due this and next week, so it's the perfect time to test how well the average guy can continue Artificial Intelligence studies without a laptop [and trust me, I am pretty average]. Then again, with this blog post I'm making this whole laptop-less situation seem much more dramatic than it really is.

... I hope...

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