Wednesday, 25 June 2014

dude wtf is a hugehog, no srsly bro tell me pls

"It's a nice blog you got there buddy, but in all seriousness: what is a HugeHog?"

I'll try to explain this as detailed as possible. Lettuce start at when this term was coined for the first time [the italic pun will become clear in just a sec, wait for it..!]. As I remember, it was first coined a little over a month ago when I was studying at a building called Bernoulliborg, on the Zernike campus of my university. I was accompanied by a girl I will call Lettuce from now on, and a guy I'll refer to as Climber. Lettuce was clearly in love with her Facebook Cover photo, which looked like a weird hairy black pig-like creature wearing a Batman cape for some very odd reason [I wouldn't dare to try its bacon]. We were trying to find the name of this mysterious creature by guessing, but we failed miserably. Either Climber or I called it a hedgehog, and upon hearing this Lettuce exclaimed: "But... it's huuuuge!!". After which I, with my pun-tastic history, had to add:

Hahahahaha isn't this funny? - iiiit probably isn't. Unless you were there, in which case you're either Lettuce, Climber or me. And you know who you are :B

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